mIDentity family - HR Chatbots

What can our HR Chatbots do?

People usually call Human Resources to ask...

About Employee Onboarding:

▪ How long does my probation period last?
▪ Can you tell me about the dress code?
▪ How can I do an expense report?

About Performance Management:

▪ How many objectives do I have to set for my team?
▪ Where shall I upload the agreed goals?
▪ I have to evaluate a problematic person, can you give me some advice?

About People Development:

▪ Can you suggest some training to develop effective communication?
▪ What behaviours best represent "Team work"?
▪ When do I have to finish the competencies self-assessment?

This and much more can be solved by an HR Chatbot, available 24/7 365 days a year in a chat window on your desktop or mobile, portraying a closer and innovative Human Resurces department.

Step 1

We feed the Bot with all information available about the process to be managed. For example: your company's manuals or slides about performance management...

Step 2

We make performance tests. How? People in the Human Resources team chat with the Bot. We correct the answers while the Bot is getting used to the different ways of talking of your employees.

Step 3

The Bot is installed in your company website or in any other app that the company is using to connect with the staff and we're ready to go!!! Everyone can now start asking questions.