DanielDaniel Laya – Contact for projects in Spain & Latin America
I have been involved in working projects in the Americas, Middle East and Europe, and led areas in the corporate world such as Human Resources, Marketing, Customer Care for more than 20 years. Being a coach with a solid background in business and leadership development, my aim is to support individuals and organizations during their change processes so that they can accomplish effective and lasting transformations.
Innovation is in my DNA, and due to the constant search for new approaches I have come with two findings that are of great value for our clients:
The incorporation of the Sociometric Badge developed at the MIT, in most of our workshops to provide an objective, quantified view of what is happening in team interactions.
The implementation of the “Unlocking Immunity to Change” approach, being trained as a facilitator by R. Keagan and L. Lahey themselves in Harvard Faculty, a structured but flexible approach to identify in individuals and teams hidden blockers, find solutions and achieve results.
I am a Venezuelan, living in Madrid for a few years now, more or less since I decided to stop looking for the truth or what is right or wrong. Now I just focus on what individuals and organizations need to achieve to be happier, and what they need to do to get there.


WimWim Focquet – Contact for projects in Belgium & France

I realize that doing business goes beyond transferring services or goods. Organizations can not be truly successful if they do not improve the world that we live in. My main purpose is on connecting the organizational success with the personal satisfaction of employees leading to higher commitment.
Work with high performance organizations that have a culture that is based on vulnerability, trust and transparency is what drives me most. Cultures that respect the self-awareness of each individual, where change is not a sudden program but a constant undercurrent, enabling employees to find a true purpose to commit to the company goals as they also transform as individuals.
I was born in Belgium and have worked both in corporate environments and as consultant, mainly in executive search and coaching. Geographies include Europe, Middle East and the Americas.
What helps me in bringing things down to the essence is a profound knowledge of organizational structures and cultures in various businesses and geographies. My main drivers in stimulating clients to improve performance are executive search, leadership development, training, coaching and closing the gap between strategy and execution, aligning the purposes of all stakeholders in times of transformation.


ChristianChristian Hvidbo– Contact for projects in The Netherlands, UK, Brazil & Portugal

I passionately believe that Business Strategies can only be realized through motivated and engaged people. Sustainable success and competitive advantage, comes from a process which creates a shared set of strategic objectives and constantly aligns and realigns the behavior of every individual to the business goals.  As leaders, we need to ensure that people are at the heart of corporate strategies and company culture.  For that, I have learned that we must inspire individuals pride, create trust base relationships and form a team based culture.
With a distinct passion for building strong leadership and culturally resilient teams, I am known for facilitating from the heart, being challenging, whilst empathetic, sharing own professional and personal experiences, resulting in a strong and unique ability to inspire, influence and motivate people cross culturally.  Recognized for client rapport and interpersonal skills, leading to robust business partnering and trust based relationships which help people thrive and perform.
Born in Argentina and raised in Brazil, I have worked for more than 20 years in the energy, manufacturing and FMCG industry, both in Europe and Latin America.  Focusing on helping organizations drive up their performance through leadership development and behavior coaching and observation.  Key areas of interventions: Change Management, Leadership Development, Adult Learning, Senior Leadership Team Building and Strategic Alignment.