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Articles and mentions about mIDentity Coaching in different media:

The Economist

Daniel Laya, Founder of mIDentity Coaching, talks about the importance for individuals or organizations of envisioning a new or expanded Identity to motivate them to go through difficult transitions.

Mundo Coaching Magazine – Immunity to Change

How the Immunity to Change approach frequently facilitated by mIDentity Coaching, along with an episode or pneumonia provided several learning experiences.

Observatorio de Recursos Humanos – 360 Assessment

Daniel Laya takes part in a discussion panel organized by Observatorio de Recursos Humanos to talk about the importance and applications of 360 degrees assessment.

Coaching and Photography

Daniel Laya participated as part of the Jury in a Photography Contest organized by Escuela Europea de Coaching (European Coaching School). The main purpose of the event was that the photographers submitted images related to coaching concepts.